Take AAA Life with You on Your Next Adventure

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What’s your ideal vacation?

You might be someone who finds a new destination and experiences as much of the local landscape as possible by checking out some museums, dining at popular local restaurants and checking off the top tourist attractions. Or, decompressing and unplugging might be your goal, and you spend your time reading at the pool, scheduling a massage and recharging your batteries.

Some like to get back to nature with a camping trip, while others want to get taste of a life somewhere else by staying in a major city for a few days. Maybe you’re planning your next cross-country road trip – breaking up your days with some local flavor or a stop at a national landmark – or finally crossing off your bucket-list goal of backpacking through Europe for a few weeks.

Or maybe it doesn’t really matter where you go, but who you go there with. As long as you’re surrounded by friends and family, the memories and quality time are what’s most important.

Adventure is back on the menu

Travelers bounced back in a big way after a few down years for the tourism industry, with global tourism trending toward pre-pandemic levels as of the end of 2022, per the World Economic Forum1. For many, the time spent unable to travel safely rekindled the desire to make plans and get back out in the world.

Not all of life’s adventures need to be as grand as a big vacation, though. Gathering for the holidays, enjoying a backyard family barbecue and participating in events around your local community are among the freedoms that can feel extra special after a period when they were more difficult to arrange.

Protecting your plans

Whatever your upcoming adventures, AAA Life can help. Life insurance helps protect your plans – both big and small – and can help to support the people you’re enjoying those plans with. And your coverage is easy to bring with you because you don’t need to pack it. Once you’re a policyholder with AAA Life, you can rest easier knowing that your journey is more secure.

At all stages of life; striking out on your own, home, marriage, family, career, travel, retirement ... life insurance helps protect your plans, whatever they are, at whatever stage you are. As we prepare for all of life’s adventures with support from AAA, don’t forget to ask your AAA Agent about life insurance. From the day-to-day to whatever adventure you have planned, life insurance through AAA can help protect those who matter most while you live your life, insured.

Get started today

A simple way to begin the process is by calculating how much life insurance you need. AAA Life Insurance Specialists are available to answer your questions and tailor a policy to fit your needs. Call 1-800-222-1469 to talk to a local AAA Insurance agent, click AAA.com/ Insurance or visit your local AAA office today.