Choosing the AAA Membership Level That’s Right for Can Make a Difference

AAA Southern Pennsylvania


While you may be ready to hit the road this summer, it’s good to double-check that you’re getting the most of what you need from your AAA Membership. AAA Southern Pennsylvania offers multiple levels: AAA Basic®, AAA Plus®, AAA Plus® RV, AAA Premier®, and AAA Premier® RV.

Here are a few common situations that you can use your membership benefits for:

Car breakdowns. You’re lucky you made it to the next exit, but your car came to a stop and won’t start-up, leaving you stranded in an unfamiliar area. AAA has you covered when you can’t move your vehicle yourself and need it towed. With AAA Basic, you’re provided towing services of 3 miles or back to the responding station. For AAA Plus members, you’re entitled to extended services of up to 100 miles towing in any direction. AAA Premier members enjoy even more peace of mind with up to 200 miles towing on a service call*. With AAA Plus RV and AAA Premier RV, you’ll Roadside Assistance is extended to include RVs and motorcycles.

*Up to 200 miles on one service call per household per membership year; up to 100 miles on other calls.

Oops! Forgot to fill the tank? It can happen to the most responsible drivers, even after your car reminds you that you’re running on empty. Fortunately, your AAA membership comes with free delivery of emergency fuel supply to get you to the nearest gas station. AAA Plus and AAA Premier memberships receive free delivery and free fuel supply. AAA Basic must pay the prevailing price for gas.

Vehicle and home lockout. You accidentally forgot your keys in the car and locked the doors. AAA can provide you service to help gain entrance to your vehicle. Your Basic membership entitles you to locksmith service up to $50 for parts and labor. AAA Plus, AAA Plus RV, AAA Premier, and AAA Premier RV provide added coverage up to $100 in parts and labor for locksmith service.

As a AAA Premier or AAA Premier RV member, if you become locked out of your primary residence, you can be reimbursed up to $100 in locksmith services per household, per membership year.

To compare membership levels to make sure you’re getting the benefits that fit your needs, visit