Savvy Travelers Start With A Travel Agent

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From researching activities and attractions in a destination that you know little about, to navigating through thousands of available deals, planning a vacation can leave you frustrated, exhausted, and wanting to take a vacation from organizing your vacation. Whether a weekend getaway, annual family vacation or trip of a lifetime, you want everything to run smoothly. That is why using a travel agent is so beneficial; they can offer you plenty of advantages and make sure you receive personalized travel planning from start to finish with security should life or nature change your plans.

Best Resource

We rely on experts in so many areas – health and wellness, automotive, interior design, and more, why would travel be any different. As we look to use our time and money wisely, a travel agent is the perfect expert to assist. An experienced and knowledgeable travel agent can provide recommendations to you based on interests and expectations, whether that’s a family-friendly vacation, an all-inclusive resort, a memorable honeymoon, or a first-time cruise. A good agent knows about great tours, culinary hot spots, local favorites and all the little things that make your trip more memorable.  Travelers who work with the same agent repeatedly also enjoy a familiarity that makes it even easier to select a destination or cruise to match their travel tastes.

Best Deals

Travel agents work with cruise lines, tour operators, accommodations and attractions every day and often have access to special rates and added perks that are not available elsewhere. They can provide information on values and savings during certain times of year. Travel agents know when cruise lines are offering extra incentives to sail to a destination, which partners offer special pricing or experiences for residents or military personnel, and special promotions for kids to travel, eat or stay free.

Save Time

We’re all busy with life – work, family, friends and community. While inspiration is delivered through social media, friends and more, taking time to gather all the information takes more time than we often feel we have. A qualified travel agent can take care of helping you select the right destination, transportation, lodging and adventures to keep you as busy, or as relaxed, as you want. They take care of the arrangements and stay on top of every detail, saving you time to focus on your priorities.

Travel Assistance

Perhaps one of the greatest values in working with a travel agent is the peace of mind they offer should something go wrong on a vacation. If flights are suddenly cancelled, a hotel doesn’t meet your expectations – or their commitments, or a hurricane strikes your destination, travelers who booked their trip through a travel agent can make a call to their agent, who can make alternate arrangements.

As you look to plan your next vacation or getaway, consider an expert in travel with a local agent. With travel restrictions and changes to destinations and attractions, these experts can assist in navigating through these new roadmaps. AAA agents have been working closely with our national partners to keep up-to-date with changes as they are released. Our members receive added benefits of working with AAA agents through special rewards and incentives.

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