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Fast, reliable, and flexible. AAA will assist anytime day or night and covers YOU - as a driver or passenger. If we can't get you going, we'll take you someplace that will.

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AAA members can request 24-hour emergency road service by calling:


We will need you name, membership number and expiration date, type of vehicle and its exact location, its license plate number, the nature of the difficulty, and the tow destination.

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AAA Southern Pennsylvania accepts online requests for road service 24 hours a day, so you can be confident your service request will be handled promptly.

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Roadside Services

Video: Find out about AAA's top five roadside assistance calls.

The AAA Roadside Advantage

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  • The nation's most comprehensive roadside service network
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Mechanical First Aid: Minor adjustments, not requiring parts or supplies, will be made in an effort to enable your vehicle to operate under its own power. It probably will not be possible to make an accurate diagnosis at the scene; the vehicle should be taken immediately to a place of repair.  

Battery Service*: In selected areas, when a AAA member calls for assistance or submits a request online and the problem is believed to be battery-related, a mobile battery replacement vehicle may be dispatched. A trained specialist will test the battery and the vehicle charging system. If the battery needs to be replaced, the member can request to purchase one, and the specialist will install one on the spot for most cars.

Tire Service: In the case of a flat tire, your inflated spare tire will be installed on the vehicle. When no inflated spare is readily available, the Towing Service policy will apply.

Fuel Delivery Service: AAA will deliver a supply of fuel to members who run out. AAA Basic members pay prevailing pump prices while Plus and Premier members receive fuel sufficient to get to a service station at no cost.

Locksmith Service: If you lock your keys inside your vehicle, AAA will send service in an attempt to gain entry. If the attempt fails, the Towing Service policy will apply. AAA Basic membership provides reimbursement of up to $50 in parts and labor for the expense of a locksmith, while Plus and Premier memberships provide up to $100.

Extrication/Winching Service: This service is provided to a vehicle on or immediately adjacent to an improved city county or state road, and only when it can be safely reached and serviced with standard equipment used by the servicing facility. One man and one tow truck will provided at AAA's expense. Plus and Premier members get a second tow truck, if needed, at no extra charge.

Currently service is available in specific AAA Southern Pennsylvania territories. Battery costs vary by make and model of vehicle. Stock is limited to conventional lead-acid batteries, with coverage available for most vehicles excluding hybrids. Savings are off manufacturer's suggested retail price. Exceptions may apply. Contact AAA at 1-800-222-1469 with questions.

Become A Roadside Assistance Provider

If your business is interested in becoming a AAA Roadside Assistance Provider, simply print out the application, fill it out and mail it to the address below:

Mail To:
AAA Southern Pennsylvania
2840 Eastern Blvd.
York, PA 17402

Reimbursement Forms

If you can’t contact or reach AAA Roadside Assistance, call the nearest available towing or repair facility. Pay for the service and get an itemized paid receipt that includes the printed name, address and phone number of the facility. If AAA service was available but not requested, reimbursement may be limited to the amount the club would normally have paid for the covered service. Reimbursement of tow expense covered by insurance is not eligible. Submit the bill to AAA Southern Pennsylvania using the below form: