Woman receiving a AAA Visa Gift Card

AAA Visa® Gift Cards

A Gift That Fits Every Occasion


Delight your loved ones with a Visa Gift Card.

The Visa Gift Card is a prepaid card that limits spending to the amount you place on the card — between $10 and $500. Each purchase is deducted from the card until there's no longer a balance. It's easy to keep track of the card's balance—online, on the phone, or even through many merchants. And because it's protected by Visa, once it's registered by the recipient, the gift card can be replaced if lost or stolen.


Stop in at your local AAA Southern Pennsylvania office to purchase your gift cards today, or call 1-800-222-1469 for more information.

Limited-Time Only! No purchase fees during November & December!*

Card Information

  • Keeps funds separate from cardholders’ other bank account
  • Use the card for in-store or online purchases – both signature and PIN accepted (not for ATM or point-of-sale PIN cash access)
  • Check your card balance and track spending at aaaprepaidcards.com
  • Use everywhere Visa® debit cards are accepted (valid only in the U.S.)
  • Register online at aaaprepaidcards.com to make online or phone purchases

Cardholder Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I obtain a AAA Visa® Gift Card?
AAA Visa® Gift Cards can be purchased at participating AAA Southern Pennsylvania locations.

How do I obtain my current balance or a list of my transactions?
Obtain balance or transaction history through AAAPrepaidCards.com, the MetaWallet app, or by calling Customer Service via the toll-free number on the back of your card. Third-party phone and data fees may apply.

Can I make a purchase with a AAA Visa® Gift Card if the total amount due is greater than the card balance?
Prompt the merchant to complete a split-tender transaction, and charge the Gift Card for the available balance. Use another form of payment, such as cash, check, or credit card, for the remaining amount. If a negative balance is created, the cardholder is responsible for paying that balance and any associated fees.

Can the AAA Visa® Gift Card be used for "pay at the pump" transactions?
Yes, however, an authorization or hold of at least $100 may be placed on the account when you pay at the pump. This authorization may not be removed from the account for several days. To avoid this over-authorization, simply pay for gas inside the service station.

Where can I use a AAA Visa® Gift Card?
The AAA Visa® Gift Card can be used anywhere Visa® debit cards are accepted in the United States and its territories. It can also be used for online and phone purchases when registered. To avoid being declined for purchases, cardholders should register the card at AAAPrepaidCards.com.

How do I use my card?
Select “credit” at the merchant or store’s card terminal. “Debit” may also be selected if a PIN has been established (see “How do I set up my personal identification number (PIN)?”). If making a purchase online or over the phone, ensure the billing address matches the one registered to the card (see “How do I change my address”?).


For more frequently asked questions, go to AAAPrepaidCards.com.

Purchase fee of up to $6.95. Monthly inactivity fee of $2.95 with 12 consecutive months of inactivity. Lost/Stolen replacement card fee of $5.95. Gift Cards are valid only in the United States. Visa® Gift Cards are issued by MetaBank™, Member FDIC, pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc. Terms and conditions apply.

*Promotion available at participating AAA locations from November 1, 2020 – December 31, 2020. Visa Gift Cards are issued by MetaBank®, N.A., Member FDIC, pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc. Terms and conditions apply. Use everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted. Valid only in U.S. No ATM access.